Items listed in the tables are available for sale. We are still in the process of going through all the available equipment, furniture, glassware etc., and will keep the items list updated regularly. Where possible, we will provide as much information as we can. Any missing information will be listed as TBA and updated as soon as possible. If you require more information about a specific item, just contact us.

All prices are inclusive of GST and the list price is per individual item.

Pick up is available from the nominated collection date from Hub Brewing, 20 Morrisby Street, Geebung. We are not able to deliver or post items. Collection date / time to be made by prior arrangement.

We accept payment in cash or EFT. If you’d like to purchase an item (or items) via EFT, email [email protected] – please quote the item number(s) of interest. We’ll get back to you with bank details.

Note: We will only hold items as “sold pending” for 48 hours. If money is not received within 48 hours, the item will again be listed for sale. An item will be marked as sold when we confirm the money is in our nominated bank account.

item #CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (ea)QtyStatusAvailable for collection
IN-001GrainsLager LightGladfield, 25kg bag$501AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-002GrainsMaizeGladfield, 25kg bag$752AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-003GrainsToffeeGladfield, 25kg bag$601AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-004GrainsMedium CrystalGladfield, 25kg bag$601AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-005GrainsBiscuitGladfield, 25kg bag$601AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-006GrainsSour GrapesGladfield, 25kg bag$901AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-007GrainsDark WheatWeyermann, 25kg$601AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-008GrainsRice Hulls1kg$151AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-009GrainsLight Crystal19kg$451AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-010GrainsRoast Barley16kg$401AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-011GrainsSour Grapes6kg$251AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-012Water TreatmentCalcium Chloride11kg$401AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-013Water TreatmentCalcium Sulphate12kg$401AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-015YeastDA-16500g$1151AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-016YeastAle 514500g$703AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-017YeastLager 497500g$702AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-018Hops - bulkCitra2021 crop, 10kg bag (unopened)$6301AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-019Hops - bulkEnigma2021 crop, 5kg bag (unopened)$2302AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-022HopsSimcoe2020 crop 500g$257AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-023HopsSimcoe2020 crop 200g$125AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-024HopsSaaz2020 crop 500g$2065 Available
1 Pending
From 12 August
IN-025HopsEl Dorado2020 crop 500g$257AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-026HopsHallertau MF2020 crop 500g$2054 Available
1 Pending
From 12 August
IN-028HopsWaimea500g$251AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-029HopsGalaxy2021 crop 750g$3732 Available
1 Pending
From 12 August
IN-030HopsMagnum2020 crop 400g$201AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-031HopsMosaic2020 crop 500g$254AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-032HopsAmarillo2020 crop 750g$252Pending SaleFrom 12 August
IN-033HopsTettnang2020 crop 500g$207AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-034HopsSabro Cryo200g (22.7% AA)$3018AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-035Other IngredientsBiofinefining agent, 1kg$1751AvailableFrom 12 August
IN-036Other IngredientsFoam Retentionbeer head retention, 1kg$901AvailableFrom 12 August
Item #ItemDescriptionPrice (ea)QtyStatusAvailable for CollectionImage
B150L Braumeisterwith dimple jacket for cooling. $2,500.001Available20-Jul
B16Carbonating systemadjustable carbonation and purge time$1,000.001Available15-Aug
B23Bottle treesmobile, each holds 144 bottles$50.0054 available
B27Cardboard BoxesUnbranded boxes for 16-pack cans. 1,000 boxes$500.001AvailableImmediateTBA
B29Bottle labellerGreat Engineering manual labeller$550.001AvailableImmediate
B30Mobile trolleyMobile trolley with 50L tub$50.001AvailableImmediate
B31AND benchtop scales1g accuracy, 5kg max weight$250.002Available8-Aug
B37Glycol UnitLancer Glycool chiller$800.001AvailableImmediate
B38Beer line pumps$40.003AvailableImmediate
B45Stack TrolleysDouble-stack trolleys$100.001Available8-Aug
B46Box of 6-pack holdersflat-pack 6-pack holders. Approx 120$50.001AvailableImmediate
B48Drum lifterFits on a fork lift. Engineered to lift 1,100kg. Can be modified to lift bulk grain bags.$500.001AvailableImmediateCustom
Seksui Thermobreak Insulation 51 x 25mm x 2m
B51Stainless steel mobile utility tableFood grade stanless steel table on solid lockable castors 1800Lx780Wx92H$1000.001AvailableImmediate
Item #ItemDescriptionPrice (ea)QtyStatusAvailable for CollectionImage
HB150L ball-lock keg50L kegs, modified with ball-lock fittings$100.0064 available
HB319L ball-lock keg19L Torpedo kegs in good working condition$80.00105 available
3 pending sale
HB54L Mini kegBrand new, keg only$402Pending SaleImmediate
HB62L Mini kegbrand new, keg only$303AvailableImmediate
HB7Twist-tube spear with brass tap for mini-kegbrand new in box$40.0021 available
HB9Krome Pluto gun with line connectors/steel, brand new in packet$80.001AvailableImmediate
HB10Hop spiderMangrove Jacks, brand new in box$35.002AvailableImmediate
HB11Fermenter airlocksbrand new in a bag of 50$50.003AvailableImmediate
HB12Bottle cleaning brushbrand new$2.0054 available
HB13Co2 keg charger kit & bulbsbrand new$20.0021 available
1 sold
HB17Blowtie pressure relief/spunding valveBrand new$6.003Available
HB18Tap with black handlebrand new in box$50.004AvailableImmediate
HB19Nitro tap$60.001AvailableImmediate
HB20Plastic 1L measuring jugsbrand new$5.005AvailableImmediate
HB24Wine bottlesNot used. Box of 24 x 375mL. Cork Neck$15.006AvailableImmediate
HB28Bottle treenew in box, hold 81 bottles$30.001AvailableImmediate
HB30Triple fontSolid stainless steel font with 3x Krome taps$100.001AvailableImmediate
HB31Precision SG Hydrometerone measures 1000-1050, the other 1050-1100$40.002AvailableImmediate
HB32Round containerBrand new Rubbermaid 7.6L buckets$10.0086 available
HB33Chill platesLancer solid chill plate$100.0032 available
Item #ItemDescriptionPrice (ea)QtyStatusAvailable for CollectionImage
F4Beer garden tablesOutdoor tables, folding timber top and bench seats. 2200x70x78$120.001Available15-Aug
F7Bar stools75cm height, black$20.004Available15-Aug
F8Timber table with 4 stoolspallet timber table 70x70x76 with 4 x 46cm stools$140.002Available15-Aug
F12-AStainless steel mobile utility tablefood grade stanless steel table on solid lockable castors 1800Lx780Wx92H$1000.001AvailableImmediate
F14Bi-fold trestle table2400x75$75.001AvailableImmediate
F18Filing cabinet3-drawer filing cabinet$30.001Available2-Aug
F19Stationery cupboard tall1 x grey, 1 x beige$502Available2-Aug
F20Stationery cupboardGrey stationery cupboard$501Available2-Aug
F24Patio heaterGas heater - tall (does not include gas bottle)$50.002AvailableImmediate
F32PrintsFramed - various designs$30.004Available15-Aug
F33Planter boxesHardwood planter boxes on castors. Note. Plants not included.$100.0011 available
2 pending
F34Artificial plantsAssorted artificial plants. Note. planter box not included.$8.0066 available
2 pending sale
F35ScreenBamboo screen with artifical leaves$10.001Available15-Aug