Brewing – Frequently asked questions2019-12-05T12:51:08+10:00
What beer is brewed at a Grain-to-Glass Brewing Experiences session?2019-12-05T12:21:17+10:00

Currently we offer three different Grain-to-Glass Brewing Experiences to brew a pale ale, session ale or an IPA. We brew one beer per session and you can choose which session you wish to attend.

Do I need to book to attend a session?2019-12-05T12:17:10+10:00

We have limited spots available for each session so you will need to book by purchasing a ticket to the session or if you have a grain-to-glass brewing experience voucher, you can use the voucher to redeem a ticket online on the Grain-to-Glass Brewing Experience web page.

How does ‘brew your own’ works?2019-12-05T12:00:32+10:00

Brewing session – brewing takes place in our brewery and we supply all the ingredients and use of our beer recipe. You will be assigned your own brew kettle or share a kettle if you are participating in a share brew session. Step-by-step guidance is provided throughout the process of brewing your own beer.

The time in between brewing and kegging/bottling, we look after fermentation and lagering of your beer in our temperature controlled rooms and prepare it for you prior to bottling or kegging.

Kegging or bottling session – Kegging or bottling takes place two to four weeks after brewing, depending on the beer you brew. Caps and use of bottling equipment to bottle your beer are included.
Bottles: bring your own clean bottles or buy them from us. For all-inclusive brewing experiences and share brew sessions, bottles and boxes may be included (check your brewing voucher for inclusions). Bottles will be sterilised onsite before bottling.
Kegs – Bring your empty kegs for filling.

How much beer do you get in a full brew?2019-12-05T12:00:49+10:00

A full brew is 50L or approximately 6 cartons of beer (330mL bottles).

Does the beer need to be kept cold?2019-12-05T12:21:47+10:00

The beers are preservative-free. So you must keep the beer refrigerated after you take it home.

How much does it cost to brew a full 50L batch from the all-grain craft range?2019-12-05T13:30:16+10:00

The price of an all-grain craft beer varies depending of the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and the ingredients that go into making that beer. It starts from $205 for a 50L batch. Bottles are not included. You can bring your own bottles or buy them from us.

How can I use my Grain-to-Glass Brewing Voucher?2019-12-05T12:49:22+10:00

Your Grain-to-Glass Brewing Voucher can be redeemed for a ticket to attend a brewing session. Pleas check the conditions of our on the Terms and Conditions web page.

Can I buy in smaller volumes?2019-12-05T12:01:34+10:00

A minimum of 50L must be brewed in each batch. If you don’t have the fridge space or prefer a smaller quantity, gather a few friends to share a brew or join one of our share brew sessions.

I have a gift voucher purchased before 1 December 2019, can I redeem it to attend a Grain-to-Glass Brewing Experience?2019-12-05T12:48:13+10:00

Provided the gift voucher has not expired, the amount paid for that gift voucher is the amount that can be used. For example, a $300 voucher can be used to redeem two tickets ($130 for each ticket) to attend a Pale Ale Grain-to-Glass Brewing Experience session. The balance of that voucher ($40) is available to use for other purchases up to the expiry date.

Do I need to book to brew a beer?2019-12-05T12:20:53+10:00

Yes, you will need to book by contacting the brewery.

Can I brew an easy-drinking everyday beer?2019-12-05T12:24:16+10:00

We offer a small selection of simple straightforward beers for every day drinking. Check out the menu here.