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The four key ingredients used in brewing (malt, hops, yeast and water) influence the flavour, aromas, mouthfeel and finish of a beer. Beers can be broadly categorised as either Ales or Lagers. Ales are the oldest form of beers. Made using ale yeast which likes warmer temperatures and rises to the top during fermentation, ales are considered to be more full-bodied with estery (floral and fruity) characters. Lagers, from the German word “lagern” which means “to store” are made with bottom-fermenting or cold-fermenting yeast. Lagers are typically known for their clean, crisp taste.

Hub Brewing offers a wide variety of beer and cider styles and if you can’t find exactly what you want, we can tailor a beer or cider to your needs.

The beer menu, grouped by style, is listed below. Visit the full beer menu for a searchable list.

Beer menu by style

NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Big Wave Pale AleA golden coloured ale with distinctive citrus / floral / herbaceous aromas and a mild hoppy finish.Fat Yak4.7$195
Great White Pale AleAn unfiltered, single-hopped full-bodied pale ale with tropical fruit characters from Galaxy hops.Unique to Hub Brewing4.6$195
India Pale AleUpfront hit of fruity and floral aromas, with a huge whack of hop bitterness, which lingers on the palate. Unfiltered to retain maximum flavour.Hub Brewing Special5.6$205
Little Critters Pale AleThe distinctive citrus / floral aroma from Cascade hops is balanced by the robust amber malt flavour.Little Creatures Pale Ale4.7$195
Saint Street Pale AleBig, robust malt flavours, offset by the strong aromatic grassy and herbal tones from Cascade hops.Sierra Nevada Pale Ale5.5$195
Supernova Session AleLight, refreshing and easy drinking beer, with lovely tropical fruit aromas and flavours.Stone & Wood Pacific Ale4.4$195
The Old Dart E.S.B.Bitter English Ale style, very high hop aroma and flavour balanced by rich malt sweetness.Unique to Hub Brewing5.2$195
Wipeout IPABig citrusy aromas upfront, with rich, zesty and floral hop notes and bold hop bitterness. It's all about the hops. Unique to Hub Brewing5.6$215
West Texas TeaA new style India Pale Ale, with upfront herbal hop aromas, dark roasted malt bitterness and prominent citrus flavours.Unique to Hub Brewing5.5$215
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Cream AleMellow & Smooth, enhanced by a soft fruity character.Hub Brewing Special4.8$195
Pieces o' 8 Golden AleGolden ale with distinct biscuity malt characters and well-balanced hop flavoursUnique to Hub Brewing5.1$195
Thorny Dragon Amber AleSmooth tasting Irish style red ale. Roasted malt characters of caramel and toffee, finely balanced with a nice hint of earthy and fruity finish on the palate.Hub Brewing Special4.5$185
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Polo Club LagerA rich-ambered-coloured, full-bodied lager with clean bitterness and delicate herbal and floral aromas.Samuel Adam's Boston Lager4.8$195
MexicanaPale lager style Mexican beer, perfect for a warm summer's day.Corona4.7$170
Tokyo GoldGolden light bodied Japanese beer.Kirin4.3$180
Tokyo Super DryA golden coloured light bodied Pilsner style beer with a clean, crisp and refreshing finish.Asahi Super Dry4.8$180
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Bavarian BockTwo fixed properties of the German Bock is that it must be sweet and it must be strong. This beer has both those properties and will knock you down like an old billy goat.Hub Brewing Special6.1$215
Beerhall LagerGreat quaffing beer for your next party.Lowenbrau4.9$195
Belgian DubbelMedium bodied Belgian beer with low hop flavour and aroma.Chimay6.5$215
Carls LagerSoft lager with well balanced hop flavour and aroma.Carlsberg4.8$185
Dutch Dark LagerDark and flavoursome, but not heavy. A dark beer for those that don't normally like dark beers.Heineken Dark4.9$185
Kaisers KolschA great easy-drinking summer beer. Delicate fruit flavours against a background of mild sweetness and low bitterness.Hub Brewing Special4.5$180
Muencher HellesA classic Munich Helles style beer, golden in colour and mild in bitterness. It’s an easy-drinking and full-bodied beer.Paulaner Muchener Hell4.7$195
Munich DunkelA brown Bavarian dark style beer.Hub Brewing Special4.7$195
Oktoberfest LagerExhibits a strong malt flavour rather than the caramel flavour of the Dunkel.Hub Brewing Special5.2$195
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Chill PilsFull-flavoured midstrength pilsner withy low hops bitterness.Unique to Hub Brewing4$165
Czech PilsA beer that doesn't just say hops it shouts hops.Pilsner Urquell4.7$185
S&B PilsnerRefreshing pilsner with mild sweetness and clean, crisp hop characters.Unique to Hub Brewing4.6$175
T.T. PilsnerA golden coloured light bodied Pilsner styled beer.Tsing Tao4.8$170
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Banana Bender Summer WitbierA truly Queensland summer wheat beer, rich in tropical fruit flavours and refreshing pale malt flavour,Unique to Hub Brewing4.5$205
HeffewiezenMedium body, herbal hop flavour aroma set against the distinct banana / clove malt flavours.Hub Brewing Special5.3$205
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
Creamy PorterBlack coloured, medium bodied Porter style beer with a smooth, creamy texture.Hub Brewing Special4.6$195
Goodness StoutRobust full flavoured stout. unique rich and dark texture is from a specially roasted malt.Guinness4.4$195
Jolly RogersMedium brown coloured, medium bodied brown ale style beer.Little Creatures Rogers Beer4.3$195
The Abyss Dark AleDeep copper-coloured ale with rich malty characters and subtle hint of chocolate complements the mild earthy notes from Northern Brewer, Hallertau and Willamette hops.Newcastle Brown4.9$185
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlcoholPrice
Island TimeA clean, crisp and refreshing cider with a delicate infusion of tropical flavours. Sit back, relax and enjoy some Island Time.Hub Brewing Special$215
Pure ExerciseLow carb, exercise in a bottle.Hub Brewing Special4.6$180
The Hub CiderClassic apple cider with clean, crisp and refreshing taste of fresh green apples.Apple Cider4.8$195
The Hub Ginger BeerSweet and spicy, just like a classic ginger beer should be.Grann's Ginger Beer4.8$205
NameDescriptionIf you likeAlc %Price
3G Summer AleTropical aromas aplenty and no bitterness, this takes easy drinking session ales to the next level.Unique to Hub Brewing3$180
Chill PilsFull-flavoured midstrength pilsner withy low hops bitterness.Unique to Hub Brewing4$165
St Ella LightLight bodied, medium hop flavour.Stella Light4$165