For everyday drinking

You know, sometimes you just want a beer. Not bold, hoppy and over the top juice bombs. Just a simple straightforward ice-cold beer. These are just that.

NameDescriptionAlc %
MexicanaPale lager style Mexican beer, perfect for a warm summer's day.4.7%
Pure ExerciseLow carb, exercise in a bottle.4.6%
T.T. PilsnerA golden coloured light bodied Pilsner styled beer.4.8%
Kaiser KolschA great summer thirst quencher. Delicate fruit flavours against a background of mild sweetness and low bitterness.4.6%
Cream AleMellow & Smooth, enhanced by a soft fruity character.4.8%
St Ella LightLight bodied, medium hop flavour.4%
Hub CiderClassic apple cider with clean, crisp and refreshing taste of fresh green apples.4.8
Hub Ginger BeerSweet and spicy, just like a classic ginger beer should be.4.8